Well-conceived and high-quality.

Commercial companies, banks, savings societies, financial institutions and ATM manufacturers around the world are convinced by our safe solutions.

Here, our solutions blend seamlessly with the needs of our customers. Bode Panzer products can be integrated easily into the process landscape within banks, savings societies, retail companies and cash-in-transit providers to meet their precise needs. In this, our products quickly achieve a return on invest, ensuring long-term investment security. The added safety, process optimisation and transparency provide our customers with new perspectives, allowing them to focus to a greater extent and more profitably on their core business.

The Bode Panzer portfolio includes the following services:

  • safe construction
  • development and supply of modern, tried-and-true deposit systems
  • development and engineering of individual solutions (e.g. construction of safe doors, complex welding constructions and fitted frames)
  • assembly, installation and delivery of electronic locks by a variety of different manufacturers
  • in-house electronic and software development
  • innovative development of hard and software components for Bode Panzer products
  • provision of interfaces for the further processing of transaction data (cash management, monitoring, reporting)
  • implementation of one-time code locks (OTC)
  • assembly and services.

Here, we accommodate all the main security classes: UL, CEN L, CEN I-VI, CEN VI-EX, also safes built to withstand gas or explosive attacks.


Bode Panzer: solutions are part of the integral whole.

Besides high-quality safes, we of course deliver the matching interfaces, and handle expert assembly. For instance, Bode Panzer systems use a prepared interface to support active communication with transaction platforms and monitoring systems, which extends beyond the provision of physical security. The active system interfaces guarantee a transparent flow of information for both retailers and financial institutions, also cash-in-transit companies. For instance, the convenient connections provided by the Bode Panzer solutions enable timely reporting of transactions, filling levels, or system malfunctions. What’s more, everyone involved in the cash logistics process can access precisely the information they need.
Moreover, we join with our collaboration partners to ensure customer-centric service and precisely tailored insurance coverage, alongside financing solutions.