Commercial Safes

Our commercial safes satisfy the highest standards of security and deliver superb quality appreciated worldwide

Concerns about data loss represent a key issue in many companies, but the introduction of strategically aligned protective measures is frequently delayed, which means that potential risks remain unresolved.

Bode Panzer provides server safes, for instance to organisations seeking to quickly safeguard their data and their IT infrastructure.
A server safe allows you to increase the security of your central IT system, and to protect your servers against fire, water, theft, and sabotage.

A server safe provides you with 360 degree integrated protection for small computing units and even 19” racks. Besides a secure housing, the features include an air conditioning system to guarantee ideal protection of your hardware. The Bode Panzer commercial safes also protect other assets. We are happy to cater to your individual wishes in the design of our safes! We look forward to hearing from you!