The BDS-Night provides our customers with a validated deposit system designed to secure daily intake while at the same time streamlining your cash handling processes. Depending on the area in which it is used, the system delivers added value for customers in cashiers to deposit and secure daily intake.
Modern user navigation supports handling, and guarantees that even unpractised users can quickly carry out their deposits. All operating steps are displayed as soon as the user has provided identification by magnetic card or PIN. The touchscreen is used to enter the deposit amount. Once the data have been input, the safe bag is placed in the receiver compartment, scanned, and transported to the safe section. The device records the deposit amount, and automatically triggers a printed receipt once the deposit is complete. Moreover, all transaction data is stored, and are available for subsequent processing down the line.
The BDS-Night is particularly useful as a deposit system in self-service foyers in banks and savings societies, or as a multiclient self-service deposit system that retailers use to deposit their daily intake, for instance at shopping centres, railway stations or airports. Other companies use the device to optimise their main cash desk. Here, the cashiers directly deposit their daily intake in the device, and are given a receipt in return.


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