Looking back.

Safes for over 160 years.

We are proud of our history, throughout which we have overcome countless challenges and solved innumerable problems. To this day, our customers continue to benefit from this expertise.
Bode Panzer Board in 1930Bode Panzer Board in 1930

1858 Louis Bode and Heinrich Troue establish the firm Bode & Troue. Blacksmiths and fireproof safes are manufactured in Hannover (Germany). The number of employees rises to 280.
1900 The scions Gustav and Herman Bode take the reins at the company. Bode & Troue now employs a workforce of 400.
1924 Bode merges with Panzer AG Berlin. This was when our current company name, Bode Panzer was born. Bode Panzer extends its activities beyond the borders of Germany after the First World War, and starts to sell its products worldwide.
1945 Bode Panzer gets back on its feet after the Second World War thanks to many helping hands.
1960 - 1990 Bode Panzer develops to become the market leader in Germany for physical security technology, bank systems and traditional safe engineering. The company is a main supplier for all leading German and European banks. Numerous subsidiaries and joint ventures with renowned software and electronic manufacturers helped pave the way to this success. Bode Panzer and its subsidiaries employed a workforce of over 1200.
1997 A subsidiary is founded in Rajhrad, Czech Republic. Production is gradually relocated from Germany to the Czech Republic. The company builds ATM safes for NCR and IBM, alongside vaults and safe deposit systems.
2001 Bode Panzer becomes a supplier for German ATM manufacturer WINCOR-NIXDORF.
2003 Relocation to Rajhrad is complete when the R&D department moves from Germany to the Czech Republic. From then on, production and development of Bode Panzer products takes place in the Czech factory. The holding company, accommodating the sales and finance departments, remains in Germany.
2004 The current owner buys Bode-Panzer GmbH, and becomes its sole managing director. Each year, Bode Panzer now manufacturers over 16,000 ATM safes across the entire scope of security classes.
2006 Bode Panzer extends its product range to support the leading Italian manufacturers of cash recycling systems.
2007 Bode Panzer acquires new customers for ATM and cash recyclers in the European market.
2008 New partnerships with Slovak suppliers expand the production facilities that Bode Panzer has at its disposal.
2009 180 employees work for Bode Panzer in the Czech Republic. The company extends its portfolio to include new products, including standalone safes and deposit systems.
2010 Bode Panzer develops new products for the retail and OEM markets.
2011 Bode Panzer establishes a network of European dealers for safes required in the private sector, also in banking and retail.
2012 Bode Panzer develops new products for the cash handling sector.
2013 Bode Panzer opens sales branches in the United States and Mexico.
2014 Bode Panzer increases production to over 22,000 safes. The company employs a workforce of 230.
2015 New corporate design and new website of Bode-Panzer GmbH
2016 Bode Panzer develops new cash handling units
2017 Bode Panzer invests in new production facilities