Over 56,085 ATMs (as per 2014) are in use throughout Germany. The ATM safes by Bode Panzer protect a large proportion of them.

Our ATM safes are used by ATM manufacturers worldwide. We manufacture premium safes for a broad variety of ATM models across all industry-standard security classifications. Our customers rely on the quality of our services just as much as on our use of flawless materials and the guarantee of compliance with applicable safety standards.

Bode Panzer provides a number of technical innovations that tangibly reduce the success rate among bank robbers. Even the most sophisticated modern fraud and vandalism strategies applied by criminals, for instance detonating ATM machines using a gas mixture, meet their match in the Bode Panzer solutions. What’ more, our solutions can reduce collateral damage in addition to protecting your assets.

All Bode Panzer ATM safes are developed in cooperation with VDS, and ensure compliance to the VDS regulations. This way we can guarantee you receive the highest standards of security.

Bode Panzer provides secure casing for your ATM machines and cash recyclers. We help you effectively protect your stored banknotes!