Bode-Panzer at the start of its 161st year of operation: a company backed by long tradition continues its success story

Wed, 28. Nov 2018 - 15:15

Wiesbaden, 12/11/2018. Bode-Panzer GmbH sees no reason not to look ahead to its 161styear with confidence. After all, the demand for high-quality, VDS-certified safes and vaults remains high even in this day and age of digitalisation.

“We are so incredibly proud that we have been able to continue successfully the history of this company over so many years,” said Frank Steinhardt, managing director at Bode-Panzer. More than 250 employees at the production plant in the Czech Republic build more than 100 safes and vaults every day, which are then sold via a worldwide network of dealers and directly to end customers.

“During the many high and low points of our 160 years of company history, we have acquired a tremendous storehouse of experience that we can draw on for our benefit and, above all, for the benefit of our customers. Continuous innovations, an understanding of the many different needs and demands on the markets and far-sighted business acumen and willingness to invest drive us onward.”

In the last two years alone, Bode-Panzer has invested in production technology and production sites that contribute to satisfying the special needs of customers such as delivery dates and delivery quantities.

The certified single and system solutions that the company with a long tradition produces itself can be found in use all around the world today and protect countless items requiring special physical protection — for instance, in the banking and retail sectors, in the OEM field or even for private individuals. Bode-Panzer is not only a leading manufacturer of high-quality safes and vaults; the company is today respected as a provider of complete solutions for security, process optimisation and logistics.

In addition, Bode-Panzer holds a strong position as an attractive employer in the production region Czech Republic. “We could not be so successful without our employees, from welders to bookkeepers. That is why I want to express my most sincere thanks to our entire team,” emphasised Steinhardt.

Bode Panzer

Bode Panzer