Cash handling unit BodurCube Eco on success

Tue, 14. Mar 2017 - 16:29

With cash handling unit BodurCube Eco and its come to market in summer 2016, the Bode Panzer GmbH made the right decision. The sales success of the smallest cash handling unit from the the traditional house are far above expectations and continue to rise steadily. With the BodurCube Eco, Bode Panzer addresses particularly retailers with lower budgets. Smaller retailers, for whom the investment in the usually larger models of Bode Panzer is not worthwhile, find in the Eco model the ideal safe solution.

“We are very pleased that the BodurCube Eco is demanded,” says Frank Steinhardt, Managing Director of Bode-Panzer GmbH. “The safe custody of values, such as daytime incentives, must not be a privilege of large retailers. Even small ones should feel safer in their branches.”

Small retailers also benefit from the direct recording of their daily income to their bank account.

The deposit system BodurCube Eco is delivered as a break-in safe with 12 cm thick steel plate. With help of an integrated PC system, a computer board, a 2-line display and a LAN network connection, all the functions needed for the automation of the single payment processes are fulfilled in order to provide retailers with an optimal starting point for fast and secure payment of daytime receipts.

Bode Panzer

Bode Panzer