For military and government agencies: server safes from Bode Panzer convince security committees

Wed, 12. Apr 2017 - 9:51

Wiesbaden, 12.04.2017. Server safes from the Bode Panzer GmbH convince even the highest security committees. The high-security solutions developed by the vault specialists are classified according to the safety class CEN I and provide a special protection in addition to the normal cooling in order to prevent the interception of data. The server safes are therefore suitable even for high-security areas, such as military installations or government authorities.

The server safes are manufactured by Bode Panzer according to customer requirements. The dimensions can also be determined individually as well as the division of the trade. In addition, the cooling can be varied according to the requirements and the computer performance. Monitoring and control can also be performed via remote access.

“Our server safes have been developed by well-known experts and have been tested by the highest security authorities,” says Frank Steinhardt, CEO of Bode-Panzer GmbH. “Especially in times of cybercrime, where data security is more important than ever for government agencies or military institutions, we wanted to create more secure solutions. We are delighted that this has been successful. ”

Bode Panzer will successively develop the existing models and adapt them to the respective current safety requirements. The company does not make more detailed statements about the the safes for security reasons.

Bode Panzer

Bode Panzer