New Internet presence for Bode-Panzer GmbH

Tue, 09. Jun 2015 - 11:51

Bode-Panzer GmbH has entirely overhauled its Internet presence. The richly traditional company took this opportunity to relaunch its corporate design, also. A tortoise plays a key role here.
“Bode Panzer blends tradition with innovation”, says Frank Steinhardt, managing director at Bode Panzer, to summarise the company’s philosophy. “Our new market look perfectly reflects these qualities.”
In its new design and the completely revised content, Bode Panzer again builds a bridge between tradition and its forward-looking focus. For instance, the logo and the colour concept have remained the same, although they are now wrapped up within a modern web concept.
The motif featuring a tortoise with its heavy shell is now shown on the home page. “In our eyes, the tortoise embodies the preservation of tried-and-true values combined with its ability to adapt to a constantly shifting environment”, explains Steinhardt.” Both of these aspects represent timeless metaphors one can observe time and again within our society.

Now we have added a touch of humour with the slogan ‘We don’t open up to just anyone.” Frank Steinhardt says: “Life is serious enough. And smiling is healthy. We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers.” We would be delighted to receive your feedback if you have any suggestions or comments on the new Internet presence by Bode Panzer!

Bode Panzer

Bode Panzer