BDS-Day 3-107 EL and 3-97 EL

Tue, 03. Feb 2015 - 13:57


The BDS-Day EL has an additional administration module, which besides verification of authorisation and identification also provides the depositor with a large number of additional features. These added control and operating elements give users innumerable options to design, secure, and monitor cash transactions. The BDS-Day EL can be upgraded to become a multi-client, intelligent deposit system that meets individual requirements. The modern touchscreen operation, combined with high processing speed, allow users to quickly secure assets and to assign deposits to individual cashiers. The device provides network access for operators to enable a clear overview of deposits.


Our standards:

  • user identification by means of PIN or card
  • permanent data transfer to the management platform
  • registration of the safe bag number by scanner or keypad
  • amount input using the operating elements
  • receipts for the deposits

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