Bodur BDS Day-3-107 and 3-97 (rearload/frontload)

Thu, 08. Oct 2015 - 14:08

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The BDS-Day (rearload/frontload) was designed to safeguard your daily cash intake. The integrated deposit drawer qualifies the system for certification in accordance with EN 1143-2 Cl. III, hence satisfying the requirements defined by the insurance companies.
Besides physical safety, the focus here is also on user-friendliness. Rapid deposit allows fewer employees to quickly pay in daily cash intakes without requiring additional human resources.

The system has two sections: the upper deposit module is available to the employees in the outlet. The secure lower section can only be opened and collected by the cash-in-transit provider.
All deposits enter the security area through the deposit section. Additional investments in a safe are not necessary, as your employees are unable to access the money later on. Moreover, the BDS-Day allows our customers to reduce the risk of robbery in their branches, and hence to secure the daily cash intake. BDS-Day customers include retailers, outlets, swimming pools, and casinos.

Our standards:

  • 1 key lock VdS Cl. II on the safe door
  • 1 electronic lock VdS Cl. II on the drawer
  • drawer made of V2A
  • deposit system made of V2A
  • open deposit capture cassette
  • bolt system with 2 lock positions
  • EMT-pre-equipped
  • 4-sided bolt work
  • cable inlet from the back wall, i.e. side wall
  • floor anchoring, including anchoring hardware
  • operating instructions in English
  • flush and height-adjustable hinges
  • door closes on the right
  • door opening angle 145°, with door stopper
  • RAL 7035 – fine structure

Your options:

  • closed deposit capture cassette
  • closed deposit capture safe bag
  • numerical combination lock, i.e. electronic clock in the door
  • cash-in-transit lock (retrofitting possible)
  • EMT equipment
  • assembly, training, and installation on site

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