BodurCube BCE/BCB

Thu, 08. Oct 2015 - 14:57

Noteneinzahlsysteme-BodurCube-BCB 3mm 2K (1) white_final02Cash management places a strain on the value added chain in retail companies across a variety of different levels. First, the effort required, for instance to prepare loose change or to coordinate measures, is an additional burden for your staff, which keeps them from your actual core business. Second, the cost of cash transport exerts strain on the budget of retail companies.

In BodurCube, Bode-Panzer GmbH provides you with a high-quality deposit solution that besides tangible process optimisation also guarantees security for your daily cash intake while minimising the risk of robbery.
BodurCube, as a scalable deposit system, takes possession of your daily intake and provides a receipt each time a deposit is made or the cassette is replaced. This puts an end to laborious tallying up of cash accounts under dual control, as the BodurCube fulfils all functions of a main cash desk. What’s more, the system provides ideal protection for your assets: not even your staff has access to the content of the BodurCube.

This tried-and-true deposit system by Bode Panzer also helps prevent discrepancies: revenues from each of the cashiers are recorded individually, which means that any discrepancies can be precisely identified. Naturally, the BodurCube has suitable interfaces to report your revenues to your bank account. This enables day-by-day value addition of your cash intake – without even emptying the BodurCube.
The BodurCube gives you a user-friendly bill deposit system with a safe that is tested and certified by VdS in Cologne. Its anti-robbery systems make this model ideal for use in the back office within management departments, and also to deposit daily cash intake. Numerous retailers such as petrol stations, pharmacies, grocery markets, casinos, tyre dealers, bakeries, drugstores, post offices and many other users protect their cash assets with the BodurCube.

The BodurCube is available in the following model versions:

  • with a 3 mm housing
  • with a safe according to EN 1143-1/VDS2450
  • with 1 or 2 single bill deposit systems
  • with 1 or 2 bundle deposit systems
  • with a safe bag module to receive coins, vouchers, and illegible banknotes (optionally also as a backup solution).

Example for a Safebagmodul

Our standards:

  • available as a single bill or bundle system with one or two bill deposit cassette
  • menu navigation via touchscreen
  • filling level monitor as a standard feature
  • monitoring of cassette replacement as a standard feature
  • electronic lock as a standard feature
  • cassette removal based on the dual control principle as a standard feature
  • user hierarchy: admin/user/CIT/service
  • standard web interface to manage the system parameters
  • storage of all transactions and their data (approximately 1 year)
  • processing of up to 6 currencies simultaneously
  • prepared for Internet connection
  • operating system: MICROSOFT WINDOWS/POSREADY 7
  • clear assignment of banknotes (amount) to the bill cassette
  • preconfigured menu language (standard: D/E/I/F/P/RU/N)
  • operating unit separate from the bill validation system (under desk installation)
  • prepared for floor and back wall anchoring

Your options:

  • sidecar system to accommodate and manage illegible banknotes and coins (in safe bags)
  • individually adjustable numerical combination lock
  • cash-in-transit lock OTC (one-time code)
  • bill deposit cassette with a capacity of 2200 bills
  • cassette with dye system
  • integration within the customer software ALVARA, Prosegur and SoftOne
  • safe-in-safe installation
  • assembly, training and installation on site
  • service level agreement



pdf Datasheet-BCB-3mm

pdf Datasheet-BCB-Kl-I

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